Why Uptown Bicycles

Why We’re Here

  1. We believe in bicycling as a form of transportation. So, our specialty is to gearing you up for commuting and getting around town.
  2. We like having fun out on the road. So, we stock bikes and accessories that help you have fun being a roadie.
  3. We like helping everyone that likes biking. So, making the most of our small shops, we:
    • service all kinds of bikes
    • are knowledgeable and creative in finding/building the perfect bike for you
    • can order, build, and service any kind of bike, and our website has accessories for every kind of biking

Why Uptown Bicycles

We are proud of our urban cycling roots and to be an established Local Bicycle Shop (LBS) in San Diego, California.

With two locations in Normal Heights and Banker's Hill, we provide sales, service, and support to central San Diego and the surrounding communities alike.

By shopping with us, you are supporting your LBS. And if you shop with us online, you are supporting an extension of that shop. Either way, we are excited to help you commute and have the best experience possible on two wheels!

Uptown Bicycles Added Value:

  • LBS experience…we want to create a fun environment and help everyone easily commute and have fun riding. Come hang out with us.
  • Lifetime service…Our bicycles come with lifetime service, including Brooklyn Bridge tune-ups whenever you need them*, free flat repairs and expert advice to make the bike fit your goals.
  • Discounts…If you buy a bike from us, you get 10% off parts and accessories for life (in-store and online…you will be provided a code for online discounts). We also have many other promotions throughout the year.
  • Rides…a few a week, each geared toward different experiences. Check our calendar online.

* Applies to bikes over $450 and for the original owner only.